ISSUE 17 Volume 21


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The goal of these newsletters is to keep our residents & businesses that are part of the Warren Decentralized Wastewater Improvement Project informed and improve their interest in an important environmentally healthy project.


In This Issue:

Brooks Field Update

Contract #1 Update

Schedule for Contract #2 Update

Manual for STEP systems Revised

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Lookout Forů


Brooks Field Update


With most construction vehicles & materials moved from this site, grass seeding of side areas complete, it is looking better each day. Work on areas that are low, need topsoil added, reseeded & rolled. Straw will then cover those areas.


Some work remains with additional bollards yet to be installed, some more work on the Town shed, the removal of several manholes. Roadwork has been completed, several gates installed and the baseball diamond mowed.


Entire Brooks field has also just been fertilized this week, which will assist in growth and development of the new grass.


Town selectman are asking residents and visitors to remain off Brooks Field with any type of vehicle be it a car, truck, 4-wheelers. Park all vehicles on road way and walk, hit some golf balls, play catch or knock around a soccer ball, remembering to walk you pets off the field and pick up after pets as well.


Contact #1 Update


With this Contract winding down several connections need to be completed. Several more on-site wastewater systems will be finished. The contractor has been working on the Pump Station on Flat Iron Road; completing street to property connections with the plumbers close behind connecting interior plumbing to street connections.


STEP systems have been installed on North Main Street with interior plumbing in progress. After all on property construction is complete, the contractor will be following up with restoration of drives, lawns, sidewalks while completing punch list items supplied by the engineers and Town.


Most re-paving where construction was done is complete. There are still some that need final layer of black top as well as North Main Street near the bridge and south Main Street.


Paving Completed:

1. Main Street, intersection of Brook Road

2. Intersection of Brook Road & Flat Iron Road

3. Brook Road

4. Brook Road & School Street

5. Main Street Center of Village

6. Covered Bridge Road



Tentative Schedule for Contract #2

According to the latest schedule received from Todd Chagnon, contractor for the Town of Warren for Contract #2, (phone 496-2468), the following properties will have on site construction. These dates are Tentative & subject to change.


September 14   868 Main Street   Peters

September 16   641 Main Street   Kramer

September 20   193 Trout Hollow   Glaser

September 21   146 Trout Hollow   Hay

September 22   68 Trout Hollow   Casolo

September 27   42 Trout Hollow   Libby

September 28   52 Main Street   Douglas

September 29   2176 Route 100   Warren Church Par


October 4     54 West Hill   Rd   Paquin

October 5     91 West Hill Rd   LaRock

October 6     125 West Hill Rd   Seiler

October 11     59 Main Street   Johanssen

October 12-13   101 Trout Hollow   MacIsaac

October 18-19   838 Main Street   Dettors


Watching Your Water:


The hot water heater is another major source of heat loss. Consider turning down the temperature for your hot water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, this is still a quite comfortable temperature, and helps reduce the amount of cold water you need to use to reach your comfort level. Also consider using an insulation kit to protect your hot water heater and help it work more efficiently.



Home Owners Manual for STEP Systems for Contract #1

The property manual has been set up as we speak for those with STEP systems for onsite Wastewater Collection & Treatment Systems. All properties will benefit from this Homeowner's manual. It offers DO's & DON'TS for inside the house as well as outside the house. There is a page for important system facts & names & numbers.

If you haven't received yours, please give a call @ 496-2509.




Household Hazardous Waste Collection and Paint Drop & Swap

The Mad River Solid Waste Alliance will be sponsoring a Drop & Swap on October 2, 2004 between 9 am and 2 pm. It is being held at Harwood Union High School in Duxbury, Vermont.

Any questions, please call John Malter, Alliance Administrator, at 244-7373.

Lookout Forů

Review these safety & health items in and about your home.

•  Extension cords, don't let them be a substitute for necessary permanent wiring.

•  Power Strips, not overloaded, safely grounded.

•  Fire Extinguishers, in good working order and tested.

•  Radiators, no flammable material stacked on them.

•  Label all electrical breakers

•  Large underground fuel tanks, testing for age and leakage.

Water Quote

"One major, overwhelming reason why we are running out of water is that we are killing the water we have."

-- William Ashworth, Nor Any Drop to Drink, 1982

School is back in sessionů Please Watch out for our Children. They will be getting on and off School Buses during the day, please stop for Buses flashing red lights!


Watch Every Child!


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