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Warren Development Review Board condiTONAL USE & SUBDIVISIoN DeCISIONS 2013

FENNELL Y/HAYES STEEP SLOPES, SVR Upper Village Rd 210-043-00 2012-01-CU
Judith P. Macisaac Accessory Structure (garage 24' X 24").setback relief 226 Stony Hill Rd. ld# 016005-505 012-11-CU
Mary Moffroid Revocable Trust, Mary Moffroid, Trustee single family dwelling(SFD), 47' wide and 72' On Slopes Exceeding 15% 572 Loop Rd. Id# 038002·000 2012·08·CU
John Egan III and Maura Connolly Collage Industry 108 Cold Springs Farm Rd. id # 009001-300 2012-32-CU
3209 GERMAN FLATS LLC aka COMMON MAN RESTAURANT Reconfiguration of a non·conforming
existing parking lot and setback relief for a proposed new deck and patio
3209 German Flats
id # 006002-100 2012·33·CU
Anne Burling Single Family Dwelling (SFD) on a one-acre pre-existing lot,
part of a 94.39 acre parcel located in Meadow land Overlay District
512 Roxbury Mtn Rd id #001007-501 2012-47-CU
Summit Ventures NE, LLC (dba Sugarbush Resort) Additional use to an existing outdoor recreational facility. More specifically, a Conditional Use Approval to offer winter driving classes on the driving range at the Sugarbush Golf Club. 1091 Golf Course Road, (Sugarbush Golf Club) id #053001-200
JDMC Properties Realty Trust
Permission to construct a driveway over steep slopes to a development site for a proposed Single Family Dwelling Senor Road id # 023008-601
William Haynsworth and;.t\nne Hyde
Permission to construct an Accessory Structure
[Barn) on a one-1 0.1 acre parcel located ih the Meadow Land Overlay District
1268 Fuller Hill Rd id #023002-300.