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Warren Development Review Board






Austin , Jane


Subdivision-Boundary Line  Adjustment
Parcel ID #012002-600

Kenyon, Katricia and Moulton, Corinne

Subdivision-Boundary Line  Adjustment 2005-06-SD
Parcel ID # 100005-300
Rodgers, Christopher and Danyel Parcel # 001002-400 Subdivision-Boundary Line  Adjustment 2005-03-SD

Sardi, June

Parcel #- 016004-400

Subdivision-Boundary Line  Adjustment 2005-07-SD

Slater, Geoff & Lauren


Subdivision - 2 Lots 2005-11-SD
Senor, Karl Senor and Gayle Parcel # 023008-601 Subdivision-Boundary Line  Adjustment 2005-01-SD

Trihy, James

Parcel# 001003-102

Subdivision- 5 Lots

Butcher, Steve Carrie

Parcel # 003003-100

Conditional Use Review, Accessory Dwelling and Cottage Industry 2005-08-CU

Gubernick, Martin & Robin Ashley

Parcel #023004-500

Conditional Use Review, Accessory 2005-04-CU

Pruitt, Douglas

Parcel # 012003-900

Conditional Use Review, Forest Reserve Amendment Increase Development  Foot Print to 3,800 SF


Robinson, William & Janet

parcel ID # 028001-902B

Conditional Use Review change the use of a single family dwelling into a multi-family (2) dwelling 2005-02-CU

Trihy, James

Parcel # 001003-102

5 Lot Subdivision 2005-10-SD

Ward Properties/Lincoln Ridge

Parcel# 048000-100

20 Lot Subdivision/Conditional Use - Rural Residential and the Forest Reserve Districts



Sandra S. Vickers Revocable Trust Sandra S. Vickers, Trustee

parcel ID # 001009-300

Conditional Use Review - Accessory Dwelling from an existing Accessory Structure to an

Monteverde First Corporation Parcel ID # 001012-000 Forest Reserve District Conditional Use & Variance Review from side yard . 2005-12-CU

Pruitt, Douglas

Parcel ID # 012012-000

Forest Reserve District Conditional Use

Amendment to Condition

Roth, James "B'fer" and Jenkins, Dana Parcel ID # 003003-200

Conditional use review - Reduction of the side yard setback

Summit Ventures NE, LLC (d/b/a Sugarbush Resort) Amended Permits #2002-14-PUD/2002-1-CU and #2002-14-PUD-AM/2002-1-CU-AM



Summit Ventures NE, LLC (d/b/a Sugarbush Resort)

Amended Permits #200501-.PUD/2005-1-CU and



Mountain Water Company, Inc Summit Ventures NE, LLC dba Mountain Water Company is requesting a variance under Section
9.6 of the Warren LU&D for the purpose of constructing a utility
building to house chlorination infrastructure per Vermont Water Supply Regulation.
Anne Bums Sidney
2-lot subdiVision of 9.30 +/- ,acres 774 Anne Burns Rd 2006-02-SD
Cohen, Marcia Conditional Use Permit, Relocate Structure in the Forest Reserve District 2006-04-CU
April Davies Taylor and Zachary Taylor Conditional use is for the construction of a development road where the parcel is comprised of both the Rural Residential District and the Meadowland Overlay District 2006-23-CU
004000-200.59 Main Street in the Warren Village Historic Residential Distric Gary and Debora Johannesen, seek to extend a deck that will encroach upon the 100 foot setback from the Mad River. 2006-13-CU
023008-603, 300 Senor Road, Eric Berkman seeks approval to build an accessory structure [garage] on parcel # 023008-603, 300 Senor Road, which involves evidence of development on steep slopes. 2006-16-CU
JOHN & JAMES JONES, 183 Main Street, ID # 004001-300 Apllicant seek approval of 2 lot subdivision of a 2.0 acre lots with an existing dwelling and accessory structures. 2006-11-SD
Zeke Church/Nelda Edson: 005007-900, 1939 Sugarbush Access Road Applicant, is requesting a change of use: from "retail" and "General Services" 2006-15-CU

Jeffrey Resnick Parcel # 012003-300


The proposed road from the south side of the property goes through meadowland, however there is a significant section that is heavily treed that will screen a good part of the road. 2006-18-CU